Volunteering is very easy. Simply complete the form by clicking on the link below. If you review the schedule, you will see that there are over 20 various Activities in which you can participate to help with Sophie's Run. Depending on the amount of time you would like to contribute, you can participate in one or more positions that are available for the event. Be sure to check times so that you do not double book yourself! Please be sure to sign up early as these positions do not last long!


Over the years Sophie’s Run has been very fortunate to have a variety of companies and industries support us in our efforts. As we continue our mission, if your company, or a company that you know of, can provide any assistance it would be greatly appreciated. It is our intention to showcase the companies that have been so supportive by providing even more exposure on our website. We are very thankful to our community organizations and especially the Lake Waukomis Men's Club for their continued sponsorship of the run and always "manning up" before, during and after the Race Event. Participants always comment on how organized the run is and we owe that to Lake Waukomis and especially The Lake Waukomis Men's Club!


Sophie’s Run not only means a lot to me as an educator, but as a resident of Lake Waukomis.  The organization brings so much positive assistance to families.  As a teacher in an Autism classroom, the students I work with have limited communication, but they have a lot to say.  With Sophie’s Run, many students now have what they need to communicate in and out of school.  Sophie’s Run brings the community together and is easily accessible to work with as a parent.  Thank you Sophie’s Run!


Megan Bradley

Autism Teacher Hawthorn Elementary

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