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A Forever Voice

Our son Ryan is a junior at Park Hill South and can meaningfully interact in his community and in his home. We are so thankful. What a journey it’s been.

Over the past five years, our non-verbal son has endured two cross-country moves with us. This is no small feat. Ryan is adverse to change and the moves have come with much re-acclimation to evolving norms. The frustration of being non-verbal multiplied the monumental challenge of adjustment and settling in. You see, with each move Ryan had to relinquish a school district issued device, temporarily losing "his voice" when he needed it most.

With the support of his family and the very caring, resourceful Park Hill South school, Ryan settled into his new environment in Kansas City and began to make strides. His augmentative device from Sophie’s Run promises him continuity. He now has uninterrupted, full ownership of his own voice — taking his device from school, to home, and into his larger community.

On the weekends, Ryan loves to go out to eat. With his device ever present, he can fluidly navigate these ever changing environments. Sophie's Run gave my son his forever voice!

Ryan orders what he wants to eat at a Northland Restaurant

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